You Can Converse In Italian, You Just Need The Right Method And Motivation!

Read This Web Page and Learn How To Get The Success You Want With Italian Speaking

1)Are you a good Italian reader, but not a GREAT Italian  speaker?

2)Do you feel that textbook Italian is not teaching you the REAL Italian you need?

3)Is it difficult for you to understand real conversations?

4)Do you need Italian for job interviews, better jobs, international travel and to make international friends?

5)Have you already improved your Italian, and now you are ready to go to a whole new level?

In other words, do you actually need to USE real Italian in real conversations? In school you learned textbook Italian for tests. Now, however, you need real Italian for real conversations. You need to actually speak Italian quickly, powerfully, and correctly.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi! Learn Real Italian was started by Guido Poggi to help you speak to, and understand, real Italian speakers in real-world situations. We know what you need. You’re not in school anymore. You don’t need to pass tests. You need to really speak Italian powerfully and correctly. You need to use Italian to get better jobs. You need to use Italian to communicate with international customers and friends. You need to speak more easily to Italian people. You need to understand Italian TV, news, and movies. You need success with real Italian in the real world! Read This Web Page to learn more about our Learn Real Italian success system.

Old Learning Methods

Most Italian conversation programs don’t teach Italian  conversation. The “conversations” in most books are not real. Rather, these “conversations” are merely two actors reading a text. That’s why textbook conversations are very different from real Italian conversations. To understand real speakers, you must listen to real conversations– not textbook actors. To speak more easily to real speakers, you must use real conversations and lessons that help you understand them. So how do you understand real conversations? The secret is to use both real recorded conversations and our powerful system.

You Want To Be Successful!

You CAN speak REAL Italian to real speakers. What is real Italian? It is the Italian that real speakers use in real conversations. REAL Italian includes slang and idioms. REAL Italian includes real pronunciation used by real people– not the pronunciation you hear on TV. REAL Italian comes from real conversations. Close your eyes. Now see yourself speaking excellent REAL Italian. Imagine yourself talking to real speakers. Imagine understanding their slang, their idioms, their fast speech. Imagine speaking faster. Imagine using slang and idioms correctly. Imagine speaking with excellent pronunciation. Yes! It is possible!  You just need to use the right methods to succeed and you need to be motivated to learn. Have you been using old, boring, unsuccessful methods to learn Italian? Well, there is a better, more powerful way. An easier way to succeed. Change your learning method to change your results. Learn the better way to speak, hear, and understand real Italian more easily and more confidently.

Children Speak Italian Easily

Children learn to speak any language without textbooks, vocabulary lists, or grammar rules. They all learn naturally- from real conversations and real stories. We all know that children learn Italian easily. You can speak Italian powerfully and correctly too. You don’t need to be a child, you simply need to learn as a child does. The Learn Real Italian system uses the natural learning methods of children:

1)You don’t study grammar rules. Instead you listen to our grammar stories and learn to USE grammar correctly.

2)You don’t study word lists. Instead you learn vocabulary from our mini-story lessons. Fun, easy, and powerful.

3)You don’t use textbooks. Instead you listen to real conversations about real topics.

4)You don’t learn formal Italian. Instead you learn real-life conversational Italian, including idioms and slang.

“If you want to become like a native speaker, you don’t need to learn when you are a child. You need to use the same methods as a child.”

Dr. J. Marvin Brown

Get The Program Today and Learn This

Now that you know who we are and how we created our lessons, you need to know how you will learn from them. What you will learn: A Huge Number Of Common Idioms- The slang you can’t find in a dictionary or textbook. How To Use Our Deep Learning Method – You naturally learn Italian words and grammar so you can be confident about your speaking. How To Understand Real Italian Conversations – You listen to REAL conversations between real people. No actors. We teach you the real, casual conversation that native Italian speakers use everyday with each other. This is not formal Italian. This is the real Italian that real people use. How To Learn Grammar And Vocabulary Without Memorizing - Throughout all the lessons you will learn grammar and vocabulary just like children do – naturally and without memorizing. When you learned your native language as a child, you did not memorize grammar rules or vocabulary… and you still learned to speak well!! How to Improve Your Listening Comprehension –  Our Real Italian Conversation lessons focus on listening. Listening is the most important part of our powerful system. How To Study Like the Best – We show you how our best students have learned and studied so that you can copy those habits to create your success even faster. How To Enjoy Learning Italian – We want you to learn to speak Italian, but we also want you to have fun and enjoy the experience. Learning Italian does not have to be boring.

Take the Program With You

No matter how busy you are, this program can go with you. All files are instantly downloaded as MP3 files. That means you put them on an iPod or MP3 Player and take them with you. Or you can listen to them directly on your computer. Any time, day or night, they are right there for you. Put them on your iPod, your cell phone, or any other device. Listen to your lessons at the gym, on the bus, driving to work, at the store, cooking, or anywhere else you want to take them. Anytime and anywhere, your lessons are waiting for you. Each audio file has everything you need to learn REAL Italian conversation. And you can start your lessons immediatelyNo waiting! You immediately get a link emailed to you- so you can download the whole program today.

The Lessons

After you complete your purchase, these lessons are yours to keep for life. Each lesson set features: Audio Vocabulary Lessons The best way to learn vocabulary is by listening to it. Audio lessons are more effective than reading vocabulary lessons. No more lists to memorize. Listen & Answer Mini Stories. These are absolutely amazing lessons. They are powerful! By listening to mini-stories everyday, you will hear real Italian spoken and used naturally. And with this new type of lesson, you learn to speak and understand Italian more easily and more quickly. Real Italian Conversations Forget the same old boring lessons. These are REAL conversations by real native speakers. No actors. No reading. Real topics. Real slang and idioms. Real pronunciation. These are the key to your speaking. These are the key to understanding real native speakers. You will also get our powerful Point Of View Lessons. Point of View Lessons are the key to becoming an outstanding Italian  grammar expert- effortlessly. What if you could learn Italian  grammar exactly like an Italian child- naturally, more easily, intuitively? That’s exactly how you learn with our Point of View Stories. We will also give you FREE text versions of the Italian learning lessons when you buy the program. These are text versions of the exact same audio articles in the main program. Now you will be able to follow along or go back and read the articles out loud so that you understand the lessons completely. Many of the text guides also have word and slang lists. No more wasted time going back and forth to your dictionary. The meanings are together, easy to find.

You have spent years with other programs that didn’t help you speak REAL Italian. You may have taken classes. But you soon realized that they cost about $400 per month and are only a few hours each week. You even have to follow their schedule. That is $4,800 for one year! You have already spent more than that on other programs, books, and/or tutors. Our lessons are nowhere near that price. You know what? We’re going to make this even easier for you. We’re going to offer our first lesson for only $1! You pay $1 just one time and then you receive our first lesson. And the lesson is yours to keep for life. Plus, you learn anytime and anywhere you want. Forget night classes or long weekends in a classroom. Ask yourself these questions: Are you satisfied with the way your speak Italian right now? Have these old, boring methods helped you to speak Italian confidently? Are you ready to try something new? Act Now! Now is the time for change. Now is the time to speak REAL Italian.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!!!

We are very confident in our Real Italian Conversation lessons. These powerful lessons have helped students from all over the world. In fact, we are so confident in our Real Italian Conversation lessons that we guarantee your satisfaction. Buy our Real Italian Conversations lessons and if you are unhappy with the lessons then simply email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. We know that you will love these lessons. That’s why we can make this incredible offer! You will never find a guarantee from a textbook or classroom. If you don’t learn, you lose both your time and money. Not here. If you use these lessons and you are not happy with the results, we will refund your purchase price.  We are that certain that your speaking will improve with these lessons! We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this if we weren’t sure that you will be successful and proud. You will never get an offer like this from your school or textbooks.

Once More…

Our Real Italian lessons are downloaded and teach you how to speak Italian using REAL conversations. These lessons come in MP3 format so they can easily be transferred to any audio player and many mobile phones. Once you complete your purchase and we send them to you by email, these lessons are yours to keep forever. You can learn anytime and from anywhere. Only the best information was used to make this course. You learn just as children do. The Bonus Point Of View Lessons an amazing way to learn grammar without studying rules! The Bonus Text a text version of all audio for easy reference and additional study. Complete with word and slang guides to help you learn faster.  Your Money Back if You Are Not Satisfied With Your Results. You have nothing to lose.

To purchase your first Learn Real Italian lesson for only $1 send an email requesting to buy it to :

Guido Poggi

After this we will send you an email containing a request of paymet by Paypal and after you have paid, we will send you the lesson as soon as possible.

Enjoy Your Italian Learning, by … Guido Poggi .

P.S. : If you are still reading then you must be ready to make a powerful change in the way that you are learning Italian. Start your first lesson now!

P.P.S. : After you will purchase our first Learn Real Italian lesson, we will email you an invite to become a L.R.I. Conversation Club member, if you accept, we will send you new lessons (one new lesson every two month) at the price of $37 for each lesson.



Privacy Policy: We absolutely NEVER sell or give your information (email address, name, etc.) to anyone else. Your information is fully protected with Learn Real Italian. Read our full privacy policy: Full Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: Individual results with our system depend on a number of factors, including: study time per day, current Italian level, and the motivation of the learner.

Terms and Conditions: Read our full terms and conditions policy: Terms And Conditions

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